M&H Apex Range - Dead Sea

Whisky Review 6: M&H Dead Sea from Apex Series

Israel’s M&H distillery in Tel Aviv are about to release their third bottling of the Dead Sea maturation. I was fortunate to be gifted a bottle from the first round.

What makes this so unique?

In Scotland, where maturation is relatively slow, the “angel’s share” or evaporation rate is around 2% annually. In Tel Aviv or in Taiwan, this rises to 11%. In the Dead Sea region, the lowest point in the world, that number leaps to 25%.

The distillery uses the APEX range to experiment. In June 2018, it took some casks down to the Dead Sea for just over 18 months. They were then brought back to Tel Aviv, where the spirit was bottled in July 2021 at a healthy 56.2% ABV. (The casks may vary from batch to batch. However, I believe that they are primarily bourbon.)

Does this initiative work?

Nose: Dark fruits. Sweet barley sugar. Cinnamon.

Palate: Apricots, Slight citrus or lemony. It is about the maturation, not the cask.

Finish: It lingers. Don’t rush this. Don’t grab another mouthful. Then you realise the wonder of what you are sipping.

If you add water (just a few drops), you receive summer fruits and strawberries on the nose. However, I did not feel that water helped the taste, despite the high ABV.

Would I buy this again? As I say, this was a gift. I have tasted a bottle from the second edition, which was still very good, but not as exciting. However, on this performance, I would definitely recommend somebody to look out for the next edition. A little pricey yet it offers a whole new dimension to whisky.

Thanks to JS. And your request about sharing the bottle is about to be honoured.

Picture credits to Blackwell Wines


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