Whisky Tasting Review 11: Special, unique dram

Last Friday night, I drank a very rare dram.
So rare, that you cannot buy it.

This is how the whisky tasting panned out over supper.

For entrée, I started with Orchard House from Compass Box. At 46%, it is a blend of single malts from 5 distilleries. Light, fruity and moreish. Real favourite of mine.

This was followed by an 18 year old Glenfiddich. It was bottled at 47.8% and had been created using Solera vatting method. I had tasted it earlier in the week but had been disappointed. However, by Friday night, I found it coming to life- full of dark fruits.

I did not eat a dessert, but wanted to wrap up my meal on a high. So I chose a 14 year old anCnoc – pronounced ‘anoc’. I am really enjoying this bottle. It is a bit costly, but at 51.8% from a bourbon cask, it is worth it. A lovely, warm and lasting finish, just right for the end of a meal.

And then came the masterpiece. That moment of ‘genius’! I asked myself: What would happen if I mixed the remains of all three glasses?

I am not a great one for blend experiments. I am no expert. But you only live once.

The result was truly exquisite. On the nose, I recalled a combination of the Glenfiddich and the anCnoc, the stronger drams. However, as far as the palate and finish were concerned, I was back to those light fruits, but with a deeper and richer attraction to them.
I felt like a kid sucking barley sugar – with 46% alcohol. Probably some of the anCnoc coming through, as it has a toffee effect.

Would I buy this again?

Check out past reviews of the anCnoc and the Orchard House. and they came up with a big plus sign. The jury is still out on the Glenfiddich, but see my next review.


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