A 3 minute discovery trip in whisky tasting – Deanston 12

Over the years, I have listened to several brilliant experts on how to smell and taste whisky.

Charles McClean is arguably the current master in this category. A lawyer by training, who moved over to writing, he has a brilliant ability to make you feel present in the room where he is consuming his latest find.

I was recently presented with a 3 minute challenge to describe the process of smelling and tasting.

Let me give you some tips:

  1. Don’t conduct the process from a ‘neck-pour’ – that is a bottle that has only just been opened. The gem needs time to breath and to develop.
  2. Never rush this process. That dram moment is there to be savoured and enjoyed.
  3. Your taste buds and smelling receptors are individual to you. We do not all sense the same things.
  4. When you roll that dram over your tongue, ensure you cover all of it.
  5. It is usually preferable to do this in company, sharing your experiences.

For the experiment, I used one of all time favourites, the Deanston 12.

Let me know what you think.



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