Everyone seems to be talking about Glenfarclas

For the first time in a long while, I chose a bottle of Glenfarclas 12 for a whisky tasting evening. Coincidence?

Within a few days, I noticed that I was being bombarded by reports about the distillery.  In no specific  order of importance: –

  • Ralfy review no’ 981 featured the 15 year old. It is one of the few bottlings in its core range that is both non-coloured and non chill-filtered. Ralfy loved it.
  • The Whisky Exchange had a special on the distillery, prominently featuring a 95% proof version of the 15 year old for 90 pounds sterling – a little over 400 shekels.
  • And the unique vloggers at The Whisky Mystery showed off their recent visit of the distillery. You can choose a bottle from your of birth – if you are prepared to lay out a small fortune!

Glenfarclas means Valley of the Green Grass. It is situated in Speyside, but describes itself as a Highland whisky. It prides itself as one of the few surviving family-owned distilleries in the region.

There are many folklores surrounding the distillery, and in particular the origins of the 12 year old version. Most centre around Angus MacLeod. It is rumoured that a mysterious master blender called ‘The Whisperer’ had a unique ability to pick out subtle differences in the aromas and smells that finally became Glenfarclas 12.

Maybe. Obviously, the Sherry barrels of 1836 are not the same as in 2023. The 12 year old is bottled at 43% without any added colouring. Readily available in Israel, I agree with many commentators. This is a dram that punches above its weight. Sit back and enjoy its complexities.

Nose: Sweet, lighter fruits. Maybe a bit of brown sugar.

Palate: Sultanas, dates, dark chocolate

Finish: The fruits become stronger – sultanas and plums.

If you add water, be careful. At 43%, you may kill off those beautiful fruits.

This is not a whisky that I buy typically, but it is easy to understand why Glenfarclas 12 is a favourite for many.


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