The Joy of a Wee Fine Dram

Whisky Tasters started as a casual hobby, but now offers its services throughout the country.


What inspired this initiative? Let’s dive into the story.

In January 2014, I wanted to host some close friends and discovered whisky tasting events. While intrigued, I never thought I could host one myself. I decided to step out of my comfort zone. With the permission of the lady of the house, our guests arrived, each bearing a bottle of scotch.

My wife captured the evening in photos and a video, including some spirited singing at the end in honour of (Robert) Burns Night. This event sparked my passion for whisky tasting and led to my hosting more events around the country.

As Whisky Tasters grew, we realised what made our events a success.

They offer an super fun and educational way to relax and unwind. Our tastings are suitable for team building in the workplace or private functions, with participants ranging from newbies to single malt snobs.

Our tastings provide an exploration of the senses and give everyone a say. We teach you how to “nose” and to taste whisky like a true enthusiast. You learn about the history, different regions, cask selection intricacies, and distillation secrets.

Today, Whisky Tasters is on the map, sharing the pleasures of liquid gold at business networking events and social gatherings. Our inclusive experience is unmatched, and we would love to share our next dram with you.


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