When Michael Met Whisky: A Personal Journey

I love whisky. But did I always?

Whisky fans often describe their journey as an exploration of the drink’s many flavors and varieties.  Unexpectedly, you find yourself engulfed by a passion, seeking more – desperately wanting to share your adventure with others.

As an Economics graduate from London University and a seasoned business mentor, I never imagined that my journey would lead me to become a whisky geek with a house full of bottles.

Over the course of a decade, I visited Scotland three times and discovered the delights of around 20 distilleries. From classic smoky and fruity blends to the first fills of new distilleries, I’ve tried them all.

And now, I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with others through Whisky Tasters events.

Whisky is a social drink meant to be enjoyed with others, whether it’s a departmental event, corporate hospitality, or private function. That’s why I invite you to join my growing community of whisky enthusiasts. You’ll have fun, learn, and appreciate the company of others you didn’t know before.

So if you’re ready to embark on your own whisky journey, come join us.

Single malts, blends, peaty drams – they’re all on our radar.

Let’s discover the many flavors of this beloved drink together.


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