Whisky Review: Speyburn 15

One of my favourite vloggers is Roy Duff. He consistently puts out excellent material under Aquavitae.

For the couple of years ago, Roy has been raving about Speyburn 15 – a wonderful dram at an affordable price. So when I saw it on special at Whisky Live Tel Aviv back in September 2023 – seems like a decade ago – I snapped up the opportunity.

The distillery is situated just outside the heart of the Speyside region. Its name is a combination of the River Spey and also the word ‘burn’ in Gaelic means a river. It took barely a year to construct in the last years of the 19th century.

Although the place received a royal endorsement in 1991 and then in 2015 underwent a significant investment in the infrastructure, the distillery is not one that is often spoken about. Yet its production capacity at pushing 5 million litres annually is no small amount.

So what is so special about the 15 year old?

To begin with, it ticks the main boxes:

  1. 46% – no added colouring – and not chill filtered. Brilliant.
  2. Packaging – easy to handle box, interesting colouring – no BS descriptions, but useful info to the geek and general public.

Nose:  Some dark fruits, spices, little peppery

Palate: Plums, raisins, but not sweet. Not to be rushed. You may like to add a couple of drops of water.

Finish: Definitely to be drunk in a comfortable chair, with friends around you, winter’s night

Would I buy this again?  This is not something that I normally go for, but yes…. When the time comes, I will consider replacing the empty bottle


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