Whisky Tasting Review 9: anCnoc 14 Year Old Single Cask

I read a lot of whisky tasting reviews. There is so much ‘good stuff out there, but I also have to pay my respects to my bank manager. It is a fine balance.

Before continuing, I have a confession to make. I have been ‘chasing’ anCnoc for several years. Pronounced “ah – noc”, I had been hoping to purchase a bottle of the 24 Year Old at last year’s Whisky Live event in Tel Aviv, but it was not available.  Other bottlings did not seem price competitive to what I eventually choose.

Then just recently, two events practically coincided. First, Mordechai Bendon published his review of the anCnoc single cask – yes, the same as me here. Mordechai never spares his words. He dives into the location and history of the distillery. He explains his findings, which are expensive, but it is definitely an amazing dram. And his review is worth looking at.

And two weeks back, I was poured a very generous measure of the anCnoc 12 year old. Only 40%, but definitely punching above its weight level. Thanks Ellis. I was struggling to suppres a ‘need’ to purchase anCnoc.

AnCnoc is not widely available in Israel. You have to look around. However, I was going over the shelves of the main Pyup branch in Jerusalem earlier this week, and there was the bottle that Mordechai had recommended.

But the cost! What to do? Fortunately, cost was not an issue – just for once. I had been told to pick out a present. Within 24 hours, the bottle had been opened. The liquid was glugging its way into my glass. And I was not to be disappointed.

The labelling is very clear regarding non-chill filtered, non colouring and age statement. Mordechai reveals that a first-fill bourbon cask has been used.

Disclaimer: I left this in the glass for about an hour, before tasting.

Nose: Lemony, carrot, green apple, slight sugary notes.

Palate: Fruits from a mixture of orchards coming through. Slightly tropical. In the background, some gentle herbs.

Finish: It held its own – not too long.

I did add water, but did not feel the change was for the better. However, that is often the case with me.

Would I buy this again? Well, I did not officially buy it this time. I am delighted I choose it – something very different. Not for the budget watchers


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