Blind whisky tasting event

Whisky tasting – The experience, the fun, the connections

Whisky tasting events are all about bringing people together.

The history, the smells, the flavours, the anecdotes and ……………… well, so much more. Whisky tasting evenings are oodles of fun.

As I explained to one new member, all I know is that about 15 years ago, I suddenly realised that I was hooked on to whisky. I have become more and more curious about subjects I would normally never go near, such as distillation techniques and peat bogs. I am a geek, desperately trying to learn more, and proud of the transition.

Last night, as ever I chose 5 bottles. I looked for offerings that would represent some wonder-spots of the global whisky map, while never ignoring the epicentre – Scotland.

  1. Benromach in Speyside have been offering a whisky made from organic barley since 2018. Unusual in taste, but fulfilling. Only 43% and a somewhat short finish, it is sweet and potentially more-ish. A surprisingly excellent opener.
  2. Arran’s 10 Year Old has been voted for 3 years running as the best valued whisky by the OSWAS community. 46%, fruity, maybe a touch of smoke and an extended finish. Loved by most.
  3. Loch Lomond never cease to invent. 46% ABV, a 12 year old with plenty of fruit. Many wanted to try the peaty version.
  4. Amrut is based towards the south of India. It’s fusion bottling at 50% ABV has 20% peated malted barley from Scotland, with the rest coming from the southern Himalayas.  I have loved this from my first taste.
  5. M&H distillery in Tel Aviv have a Dead Sea  APEX version. Barely 3 years old, but tasting like a 15 year old, it was the hit of the evening. We know that it has at least 70% bourbon casks, but the rest is somewhat unclear. Just a wee drop left for tonight.

BTW, this was a blind tasting event. So the participants did not know in advance what they were about to sample. And it should be noted that Arran have added Braille to its bottles.

Would I buy them again? 1,2,4 and 5 – absolutely. They were all excellent value. As for Loch Lomond, it will have another day and I look forward to meeting it again.




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